Career Management

Mission Statement

Sigmond Freud said that adulthood involved two primary components, Love and Work.  Greenberg & Associates recognizes the whole person and thus offers supports in the area of career management.
The word career used here-in refers to the singular professional path of any public servant. The term career involves a connotation of professional effort over time.  The term Management adds the construct of intentional and goal oriented effort in order to better ones position, skills, efficacy and efficiency.
Management experts from around the globe have a high degree of consensus on the stages in the managerial process.

  • Development of overall goals and objectives,
  • Development of a strategy (a general means to accomplish the selected goals/objectives),
  • Development of the specific means (policies, rules, procedures and activities) to implement the strategy, and
  • Systematic evaluation of the progress toward the achievement of the selected goals/objectives to modify the strategy, if necessary.

Goals or objectives development

For those who are experiencing some problems establishing or building momentum in their career, Greenberg & Associates may be able to help.  Our process begins by exploring your skills, talents, and passions in order to establish or support your professional goals/objectives. It is critical to the process to develop specific and measurable goal/objectives. This task may be quite difficult when the individual lacks knowledge of career opportunities and/or is not fully aware of their talents and abilities. The entire career management process is based on the establishment of measurable goals/objectives whether specific or general in nature.

Goals or objectives are broken down into short term, medium term or long term.

  • Short term goals (one or two years) are usually much more specific and limited in scope. Short term goals are, of course, are easier to formulate.
  • Intermediate goals (3 to 5 years) tend to be less specific and more open ended than short term goals. Both intermediate and long term goals are more difficult to formulate than short term goals because there are so many external variables.
  • Long term goals (more than 5 years), of course, are the most fluid of all. Lack of life experience and knowledge about potential opportunities and pitfalls make the formulation of long term goals/objectives very difficult. Long range goals/objectives, however, may be easily modified as additional information is made available without a great loss of career momentum.

Making choices and decisions on what career to have is only the first step in becoming a professional and gaining all a career can offer. With the changing nature of the public services field including new technologies, changing management, changing public expectations, and additional laws and governance, individuals are reviewing their career goals and objectives more frequently.  But the review of ones goals is only one process of career management. There are many other pieces to the career puzzle, including decision-making processes, life-stage transitions, dealing with stress, health related issues, marital and family components etc.

A primary focus of Greenberg & Associates career management is to help professionals take control of their personal development as well as their professional development…to address those issues of love and work that impact quality of life.