Identifying & Promoting Change

G&A offers counseling to individuals, couples, families and the children of those who serve the greater good. The goal of this counseling is to identify and promote the changes necessary for personal growth and optimal health. Issues often addressed in counseling include: interpersonal conflicts, addictions, marital discord, divorce, family relationships, depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences, bereavement, retirement, disability, career concerns, emotional and/or physical health maintenance and stress.  Typical counseling offered through G&A is brief and focused.  On those occasions when referrals are needed, G&A will assist in the identification of an appropriate provider.

Many progressive departments within south central Virginia have contracted with G&A for counseling services (Please check with your department or call us).  If your department offers this service, you may contact us directly.  This means that your department has contracted to pay for short term counseling and has agreed not to request information on who is receiving these services.  Our counseling services are offered with the utmost privacy and the client owns the confidence of the relationship with the counselor. 

Some officers travel great distance to receive these profession specific services though their departments do not have contracts with G&A.  If you are seeking counseling services and your department does not have an agreement with G&A, we would still welcome your call and are willing to work with you or refer you to appropriately trained counselors.