Prehire Evaluations

G&A conducts thorough pre-employment assessments for police, Sheriffs, dispatch and high profile emergency service positions.  Depending on the position description, a battery of standardized tests is administered.  The tests may measure cognitive, clinical, interpersonal and minor neurological functioning depending on the job description.  For those departments who chose to use a bifurcated approach to testing, a short report of the applicant’s cognitive and interpersonal functioning is available to agencies during back-grounding in order to inform the administrator and background investigator.

Following a conditional offer, a clinical test along with a clinical interview of the candidate is offered to further assess interpersonal functioning, clinical status and to obtain additional data in order to opine on the candidates appropriateness for hire. A full report is generated with hiring recommendations as well as probable strengths and weaknesses and other factors that would contribute to the applicant’s success should they be hired by the department.